Katariina Seaside Park

Katariina Seaside Park is a 20-hectare outdoor recreational area built around the 18th-century Svensksund fortress ruins. The area features a vast meadow area, an inspirational play park, angling spots, frisbee baskets, a xylophone embedded in stone and fantastic picnic areas, including one right by the sea with a magnificent stone picnic table for 50 persons.

The park’s peninsula tip has a place of silence on a rock island, accessible through a small bridge. The island is dominated by an old sailing ship anchor from the 19th century.

A meditation labyrinth constructed in the park emulates the medieval Cathedral of Chartres. The labyrinth has a diameter of 24 metres, and the route to the centre is 525 metres long.


Kotka 48100 Kymenlaakso FI
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