Hotel Rantalinna

Historical Rantalinna castle is a local attraction.

Rantalinna is Art Nouveau style castle built in 1913, and before it was Prince Alexandr Oldenburg’s residence. Nowadays castle is a hotel which offers comfortable accommodation in renovated LUX rooms.

Castle’s interior has retained it’s original appearance and some of the decoration and furniture has been exposed in antique exhibition. Castle has retained its authentic spirit and takes guests back to the glorious days.

Rantalinna is amazing architectural combination and shares artistic and historical heritage, which attracts experts and history connoisseurs.

On the first floor, there is located Restaurant Rantalinna. In its full beauty it is used for events and banquets, just like the days when Prince and Princess Oldenburg lived in the castle.

On the second floor, there are for example Prince Suite and Princess Suite, cozy and spacious fireplace room and entry to the large balcony.

On the third floor’s tower, there is beautifully furnished Romantic Suite, which is perfect room for example for wedding couple.

In Rantalinna, there are 13 elegant and spacious rooms in total. 5 of them are suites and 8 spacious rooms, either double or twin. In all rooms the furniture, decoration and styles are unique. In all this elegance we have combined modern amenities and technology.

Outside the castle there is old garden with its benches and paths, small marina, saunas and barrel baths and a spacious grilling place.

In the castle we offer selected leisure time activities, inclusive menus and excellent collection of wines. With these you can enjoy diverse and unforgettable holiday.

Come to enjoy exquisite atmosphere and peaceful environment by the Lake Saimaa.