Hotel Hetan Majatalo

Hotel Hetan Majatalo has offered rest, peace and clean air to visitors in Lappish environment ever since 1924.

Hotel Hetan Majatalo attracts for outdoor activities. Untouched wilderness, the real Lapland, starts from our yard – as well as the well-kept skiing tracks and hiking paths.

To the vast Lappish surroundings of Hetta you get to visit also in our arranged trips. Idyllic nature, combined to a delicious outdoor lunch, comes close to you for example in a snowmobile adventure.

Lots of activities await you in Hetta, Enontekiö: Guided tours begin from our hotel. For example husky safaris are a unique way to spend a day.

Our modern, fully equipped fitness room is a great place to grow your appetite if you wish to stay indoors. After an activity-filled or relaxing day Hotel Hetan Majatalo’s famous home-made food is guaranteed to fill you – with delicious Lappish flavours.