Hotel HavsVidden

Hotels | Welcome to a truly unique place. Here on Åland’s northern tip we have our own 2,3 mile long strip of shore and 50 acres of land. Here you will find just us and the ocean – nothing else.

HavsVidden – a place for those who enjoy life. Here you will find an environment perfect either for work, or a relaxing weekend. Enjoy the ocean and the beautiful surroundings; discover the genuine flavours and ingredients the kitchen has to offer; enjoy life and spend time with your friends in front of the open fire or our generous bar; relax while watching the sunset.

HavsVidden lies on the northern tip of the mainland of Åland, approx. 40 km (30 min) from Mariehamn. You can travelto HavsVidden in almost any conceivable way. Travel time from Sweden varies from 20 min to 2 hours depending on your mode of transport. HavsVidden has its own marina and helicopter pad.

Havsviddsvägen 90
22340 Ålands landsbygd AX
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