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Lapland is well known to everyone, but at the same time it’s a quite unknown “land”, where legends and fairy tales thrive, but still it’s a real place on Earth.

From a scientific point of view, Lapland is a geographical region located in northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Russia and Finland.

The Finnish part of Lapland is the biggest province of the four above and therefore it can be called the main Lapland. Here flows the biggest river in Finland, Kemijoki (512 km), the highest peak Haltitunturi (1328 m) is located here and the longest, darkest nights and the brightest polar days can also be found in this region.

Boundless forest landscapes, rough rivers, majestic hills, small glassy lakes and huge moss-covered boulders that are a legacy from the last Ice Age.

Here in Lapland the air is surprisingly clean and it has an amazing aromatic fragrance, in which one can smell a compilation of forest odours, the smell of bonfire or feel the freshness of the cold…

The world out here is full of unforgettable sounds made by the virtuosos of the forest: twittering of the birds, the moan of the wind, muted melodies of shaman’s drum and the cheerful ringing of the bells of Santa Claus’ reindeer flying by. This is the only place, where one can hear this concert.

Lapland is the place of a real fairy tale!