Halosenniemi Museum

Pekka Halonen is one of the most beloved artists of the ‘Golden Era’ of Finnish art. A versatile artist and master portrayer of Finnish landscapes and people, he absorbed the latest international trends and ingeniously applied these to the depiction of Finnish nature. The countryside around Lake Tuusula provided him with a rich source of ideas and inspiration, and it was there that Halonen developed the distinctive style for which he is renowned.

Art museum dedicated to Pekka Halonen and his art

Halonen’s studio was opened to the public in the 1950s. Today the museum specialises in presenting material related to Halonen’s art, his lifetime achievements and the famous artists’ colony of Tuusula to which he and his friends belonged.Every year the museum hosts 4-5 theme exhibitions showcasing Halonen’s art side by side with the work of his contemporaries and later generations of artists up to the present day.

Opening hours 2018
6.1.–30.4. Tue – Sun 12–17
1.5.–2.9. Tue – Sun 11–18
8.9.–9.12. Tue – Sun 12–17
Closed 23.-27.4., 22.-24.6., 3.-7.9., 10.12.2018 – 4.1.2019

Entrance fee
Adults 8 €
Pensioners, students 6 €
Children 7 –17 years 2 €
Children under 6 years, veterans 0 €
Museum Card accepted