Guossi Restaurant

Fisherman's Inn - Restaurant for lovers of good food

The new restaurant Guossi in Kalastajan Majatalo in Utsjoki, Lapland is operating in a family-owned inn at the heart of Sápmi. The inn is located right next to the Norwegian border. Guossi Restaurant focuses on fresh, local, natural produce and traditional Lappish delicacies, and is an international meeting point for lovers of good food.

How about starting off your meal with King crab from the Arctic Ocean or whitefish roe served with blinis? Or maybe a traditional Salmon soup. The main course could be reindeer fillet served with rosemary sauce, smoked carrot puree and root vegetables, or would you rather dine on fresh salmon served with beurre blanc sauce, potato wedges and root vegetables? For Children the restaurant serves delicious choices from our kids’ menu, like Lappish children’s sautéed reindeer served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, or salmon served with Béarnaise sauce and mashed potatoes. And if the children don’t fancy either of those, they still have a choice between sirloin steak and sausages. For dessert you can pamper yourself with chocolate fondant and vanilla ice cream served with bilberry melba, or bilberry sorbet. You can also find the classics like crème brûlée and tiramisu here.