Flying Cinema Tour of Helsinki & Finland

Come and experience Helsinki in a new way! Flying Cinema Tour of Helsinki & Finland movie experience will take you up in the air and show you the best sights in the city from a unique perspective. You will fly through the tunnels in Suomenlinna Sea Fortress Island, visit the interesting Seurasaari Open-Air Museum and marvel at the Helsinki Cathedral. Enjoy the wind in your hair and fly through Helsinki and the beautiful landscape the land has to offer. The 10 minute experience will be unique and memorable for both locals and travelers alike.

The brand new virtual experience is a tribute to Finland ́s breathtakingly beautiful nature. As you fly pleasantly through Finland ́s most spectacular scenery, you will discover that Finnish nature is not just as pure and precious as everyone says, but also surprisingly versatile. In Finland virtual experience you will soar over coastline and inland, y over rivers and waterfall, see Finnish national birds and reindeer in their natural environment, chase the Northern Lights, and experience snow while you hover over Finnish forests and arctic hills. This virtual tour will show Finland ́s astonishing wildlife in just 15 minutes.

Photos: Helsinki Cathedral © Visit Finland, Suomenlinna © Visit Finland / Jussi Hellsten