Fishing Patrol

Fishing Patrol operates in the Archipelago Sea which is Europe’s largest archipelago, and in terms of the number of islands also one of the world’s largest, providing a uniquely beautiful environment, pefect for the planning and implementation of a successful fishing trip.

Our office is in Turku and we offer fishing guide services for the Archipelago region in Finland.

Let us take you in search of the big fish for which these waters are famous; jig-fishing for pike, zander and perch. Inexperience in fishing techniques won’t matter, as our professional guides will teach you everything you need to know.

Our experienced fishing guides will take you on a SeaStar RS20 boat to seek out good fishing places, or even just to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Archipelago. The archipelago provides much for everyone to enjoy, whether you are interested in the local culture and attractions, or fishing and boating.

If necessary, we can arrange your fishing trip with food, dining either in a restaurant in the countryside or in the archipelago itself. It is also possible to enjoy the gentle steam of the sauna after the tour.

We can also arrange quality accommodation with our partners.

Even the briefest fishing trip serves as an effective stress buster as well as helping to sharpen the mind and the senses.

The starting point is Ruissalo in Turku or at some other agreed spot in the Archipelago area.

Contact us we will plan a joint trip!

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Service languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, German