Hotel Krapi in Lake Tuusula

Located just 15 km from Helsinki Airport and 30 km from Helsinki city centre, Krapi is an accommodation and hospitality resort on the eastern shore of Lake Tuusula. The estate has been in the Holma family since 1911, initially as a dairy farm, and more recently as a hotel and restaurant offering authentic Finnish experiences, cultural heritage and live entertainment in one of Finland’s best loved landscapes.

Surrounded by the lush greens and fairways of Tuusula Golf Course, within Krapi Park guests will find the hotel, restaurants, beer garden and old granaries, all of which contribute to the uniquely down-to-earth and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to Restaurant Krapihovi main building, Krapi yards house a curehouse, an old granary, Alitupa-lodge, a wine cellar, Restaurant Mankeli with its beer garden, Krapi Hotel in the converted cattle stables, and a summer theatre.

Krapi also arranges guided trips into the beautiful countryside of Lake Tuusula and the cultural heritage of Tuusula Lake Road. The guests will enjoy healthy fresh air while being introduced to the most famous generation of Finnish artists who once made this area their home. This summer your culture tour guide is a local artist!

Local Artist as Your Guide

Lake Tuusula has a rich cultural history, having been home to such Finnish artists as Halonen, Jarnefelt, Aho and Sibelius. Krapi has a guided tour with their local artist, who will guide you through the cultural heritage and history of Lake Tuusula, telling stories from a century ago about these famous artists who lived in the area. This guided tour on foot or by bicycle introduces you to the world of Tuusula’s famous artists around the famous Tuusula Rantatie Museum Road.

Krapi Hotel – relaxed Hotel in the old brick stables

Krapi Hotel, built within the robust redbrick walls of the old stables, has 26 rooms in three room types, with a total of 54 beds available. The hotel also has a cozy lounge bar, a sauna, and conference rooms suitable for groups of 2 to 250 people. WiFi is available throughout the Krapi buildings.

The recently renovated Aitta Granary provides summer accommodation from June 22nd to August 19th, with 35m2 of space on two floors. The Granary features a comfortable lounge and bedroom, with air-conditioning, private shower and toilet facilities located next door, and a delightful terrace where guests can take in the evening sun.

Krapi Paja – a music and event venue

Since February 2017, Krapi Paja has provided the setting for a lively mix of entertainment, art, and culture. It hosts a variety of music events and concerts, theatre and shows, and multidisciplinary art events in collaboration with local artists. Krapi Paja can also be booked for private occasions with live music. Of course all the excitement of the Paja’s club evenings can be enjoyed with delicacies and drinks provided by Krapi!

Another of Krapi’s unique attractions are the two Krapi Escape Rooms, where a live action adventure is played out by guests as they strive to solve puzzles and uncover a mysterious secret. In one room guests are looking for the lost 8th symphony of Sibelius, and in the other room the theme is Christmas.

Restaurants – Finnish culinary traditions

Restaurant Krapihovi takes pride in serving authentic food in a true Finnish setting. Originally built in 1883, the former summer residence and main building of the Krapi estate invites diners to experience an old-fashioned villa atmosphere over fine food and wines. Today, the Krapihovi kitchen focuses on the seasonal cycle of fresh Finnish ingredients, creating Finnish delicacies to tell a culinary story of Finland.

Located in the Ali-Tupa Lodge, Hella Kitchen can be reserved for cooking and dining, with space for between 8 and 16 cooks to prepare a meal for themselves under expert guidance of a chef, with the finished meal enjoyed in the charming dining room. Of course, guests don’t always have to do the cooking – the Krapi chef can also prepare a meal from start to finish, allowing guests to observe and learn. For the finished meal, relax as Hella acts as master of ceremony and wine master.

The seasonal Restaurant Mankeli which is comprised of the old granary, provides a relaxed space to enjoy catering that is simply delicious. Open as a restaurant from spring till autumn, and during Christmas, Mankeli can be hired for private functions in the off-season.

Activities in Krapi

Krapi is surrounded by Tuusula Golf Course, an attractive full length 72 par course, with rolling greens and water hazards, suitable for beginners and pros alike. There is a modern clubhouse and the Golf Ateljeeri Café, with a winding path that leads to Krapi’s chimneyless sauna by the lakeside.

Krapi has two saunas, one by Tuusula Lake, a second at Krapi Hotel, with public sauna on Saturdays. Catering and refreshments is available to order to all saunas.