Chaya Tea Shop

Chaya is a tea-lover’s paradise located in the Mall of Tripla. With over 300 varieties on offer, our extensive range includes teas to suit all tastes. Are you a stranger to the many kinds of teas available? Would you like to explore the secrets of blue-green Oolong, or the earthy aromas of fermented Pu’er tea? Have you already tried all the teas in your local store?

Founded in 2011, Chaya provides for all tea connoisseurs. When you visit us you’ll find the perfect teas for your everyday cuppas or for more atmospheric tea tastings. 
Our abundant range can come as a surprise to those who have become used to the Finnish limited choices, but fortunately the Chaya staff are there to help you find the teas that are perfect for you. In Chaya you can deepen your knowledge of teas, and become immersed in a whole new world of flavours.

Chaya is strongest in the Asian sector, and our selection of teas from China, Japan and Taiwan is probably the best in Finland. In our store you can also find a wide range of herbal teas, as well as mate and rooibos. In addition, you can also find high quality tea paraphernalia among our product range.