The coastal village of Bugøynes

The coastal village of Bugøynes lies on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, in Varangerfjord, the easternmost fjord in Norway. A fishing village of around 200 people, despite its small size Bugøynes has plenty of activities and attractions that make it a unique destination and ideal for day-trips from nearby northern Finland, and for overnight stays.

For those vacationing in the north of Finnish Lapland there is a unique destination across the border in Norway’s Finnmark region worth considering for an overnight stay or day trip. The coastal village of Bugøynes lies on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, and is home to around 200 hardy individuals known for their friendliness and hospitality

The main activities to engage visitors here are based around the Arctic Ocean and the natural surroundings. There is excellent fishing in the bay, whether you choose to fish from a rocky outcrop on the shore, or take a boat out onto the pristine waters. Diving is also a popular diversion, with good visibility at depths of up to 50 metres. In winter visitors have the chance to partake in a very memorable winter swim, or even just a quick dip into the icy waters, preferably having come straight from the lovely wooden sauna situated on the beach.

There are fine hiking trails in the region, which can be explored on foot or by bicycle, one of which takes hikers to the Ranvika Bird Sanctuary, the largest bird sanctuary in Sør-Varanger, about 90 minutes’ walk from Bugøynes, and home to some 10,000 kittiwakes. Across the bay lies the beautiful Varangerhalvøya National Park, which can reached by ferry or by kayak. The area is also known for its flora, including the rare Boreal Jacob’s Ladder.

Despite its small size and remote location, there are plenty of accommodation options for visitors looking to stay overnight. These include small and cosy cabins; traditional village houses, ideal for small groups or families. In total, Visit Bugøynes has 25 beds available for rent in two different houses around the village The rooms are located in two different houses. The charming Kiurujärvi House, the oldest buildings in the village, offers accommodation in 5 rooms. The Modern Hedvig, which used to be a shop, and a bank, has 7 rooms for rent.