Botania Tropical Butterfly Garden

At Botania you can find over 2700 plant species. We have a greenhouse and an outdoor garden. A lot of tropical plants and trees flourish in the greenhouse. The main greenhouse has undergone major changes since 2018, where sections of the garden have been changed to create cozy spots for enjoying a moment of peace with a coffee or tea. Botania has tended, documented, and transplanted their plants as well as received new ones, and now has a large greenhouse and a separate desert section. Between April and September, the garden has a variety of butterflies hatching from their cocoons and flying around.

The outdoor garden is around 4.5 hectare area, includes 255 species documented at the moment, with this number growing. The gardens have been restored, renovated, and updated considerably over the last 5 years. The garden features multiple water elements, a kitchen garden and a unique sensory garden to stimulate the senses. Throughout the seasons there’s art everywhere; at the end of the fall, the main event is Visual Festival, where different art forms come together to form an amazing entity.

During the Dark Seasons our outdoor garden turns into a beautiful Wintergarden. The illuminated trees, ice and snow sculptures by master sculptors together with snow slides and castles built for children create a magical experience. Visualfestival, a unique art event in November precedes the winter garden.