Aurinkopaikka cottage

The Aurinkopaikka cottage is located on the east side of mountain Ruka where the sun is shining all day long. You can enjoy the sun shine on the terrace where you have direct view to the ski slopes. From the cottage you can also watch the life and in the evenings the lights on the slopes. The place is very quiet and suitable for families with children. A car is not necessary due to nearby services. You can take the ski bus into town or the spa in Kuusamo. The ski lift and the ski tracks are 250 m away. In summer you can easily get to the mountains or the Bear’s trail.

The temperature in winter is usually mild, though in January it can go even to -35 degrees Celsius. Then you have the possibility to see the sky full of stars and Northern lights. In spring the days can be warm (+5ºC) but the nights can still be cold. The air is clean and fresh and the snowdrifts white and clear. You can see reindeers even on the yard as well in summer as in winter. Santa Claus of course uses reindeers for travelling. Maybe you can see Santa Claus during your holiday.

There are several rentals where you can get a car, skiing equipment, a buggy, snowmobiles etc. You can also go to safaris to Russia or rapids shooting. There are bobsleighs and other equipment in the cottage for children. We are happy to organize a holiday for you and try to fulfill all your wishes. You can come by flight direct to Kuusamo and take a taxi to the cottage or rent a car in Helsinki and drive 820 km through our beautiful country. We have lots of exotic sights all year round. We can organize the car and overnight accommodation for you. We are pleased to answer to your email in English.

Ville Paananen +358 (0)44 592 0990 & Seppo Paananen +358 (0) 40 087 0129