Aulanko Golf Club

Aulanko Golf Eversti

The Aulanko 18 hole golf course was opened in 2006. The wide game areas of the Eversti (Colonel) keep the ball in the game while the water hazards provide challenge and prompt the players to consider their choice of clubs. The pleasant design of the course makes it a stylish part of the scenery that is valuable from the point of view of cultural history. The club house with its services offers pleasant surroundings for relaxing both before and after game.

Aulanko Golf Hugo (9 hole)

The park course with long traditions is best known for its well-maintained courses and greens. Sloping and fast greens and thick oak trees require the players to have good close game and putting skills as well as a certain amount of patience.


Aulangon-Heikkilän tie 91
Hämeenlinna 13900 FI
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