Allas Sea Pool

Swimming & Sauna in the heart of Helsinki

Allas Sea Pool is a gardenlike oasis in the Helsinki harbour with a large outdoor pool area and magnificent saunas. It is open every day all year round.

Allas Sea Pool has both fresh- and sea water pools, complete with saunas and other services. We are situated in Helsinki, next to the famous Kauppatori market place in the heart of Helsinki.

There are three swimming pools at Allas Sea Pool: the sea water pool, the warm water pool and children’s pool. During winter time, the large warm water pool and the sea water pool are in use.

Warm water pool is filled with heated tap water. The temperature of the water is c. 28°C (82° Fahrenheit) all year round. In the Sea Pool you are able to swim comfortably in the Baltic Sea! The water in the pool is pumped from farther away in the sea, from cleaner currents, and it is filtered and treated using UV technique.  In the winter you can even experience authentic ice swimming.

Guided sauna experiences

Allas Sea Pool is also offering three excellent guided sauna experiences: Winter Sauna, Sauna Yoga and Finnish Wild Herb Sauna. 

Experience the Finnish sauna culture, explore the magic of Finnish wild herbs, learn how to throw ”löyly” or practise yoga on the sauna bench! Th Sauna Experience packages include swimming bracelets, private sauna and lounge for two hours, about 40 minutes of guided activities and theme-based, traditional Finnish treats.

Allas Café and Neighbour Bistro

The Allas Sea Pool complex has a stylish and modern café, Allas Café which serves breakfast and lunch, and an a la carte restaurant, Neighbour Bistro, which opens in the evening. Both the Allas Café and Neighbour Bistro are also open to all, whether they are using the pools or saunas or not.

Group Reservations and inquiries:
Phone: +358 40 621 2009