Allas Sea Pool

Swimming & Sauna in the heart of Helsinki

Allas Sea Pool is an oasis in the Helsinki harbour with a large outdoor pool deck and traditional Finnish saunas offering views over the Baltic Sea. Open every day all year round, Allas Sea Pool offers a space for stress-free lingering right in the heart of the city.

The heated pool is +27°C all year round while the sea water pool adapts to the temperature of the surrounding sea. In the summer months a children’s pool is also available.

The water in the sea water pool is pumped from cleaner currents farther away in the sea, filtered and treated using UV techniques. In the winter you can experience authentic ice swimming, a growingly popular activity among the locals.

Allas Café & Terrace and Allas Wine & Dine

Allas Sea Pool’s cosy café is open from morning until evening, every day of the week.  The wide selection includes breakfast and all day lunch as well as hot and cold drinks. The restaurant on the second floor, Allas Wine & Dine, is open for private events off season and all day during the summer. The biggest terraces in Helsinki on several floors complete the offer during the warm months of the year.