Aarikka Design


Aarikka Oy is a Finnish family business established in 1954 to mastermind and manufacture design products.

Each item in the Aarikka Jewellery collection is a unique item handmade in Finland. The Aarikka jewellery range represents lasting beauty with a form language and quality that last from year to year.

The Aarikka Home range consists of table-setting and decoration items for everyday use and special occasions. Aarikka also designs giftware and decorative items to suit the season. Many families are already third-generation collectors of the popular Christmas elves, and each Christmas a couple more cheeky fellows are added to the series.


Aarikka´s design is directed by Pauliina Aarikka, daughter of the company´s founder, Kaija Aarikka. Aarikka’s design is famous for its clear, Scandinavian lines, round forms and use of wood as the primary material.

During the past five decades, Aarikka has not only employed its own designers, but has also commissioned works from leading Finnish designers, such as Aino Favén, Jorma Vennola, Jukka Rintala, Tuula Falck, Markku Salo, Paola Suhonen, Anna Ruohonen, Anu Leinonen, Kalle Kuusela, Elina Helenius, Kaisli Kiuru, Anneli Aaltonen and Eero Sairanen. Each designer has left his or her impression on Aarikka´s design language.


The Key Flag symbol indicates that our products are Finnish. Very many of them are assembled either at home or at centres providing jobs for the disabled. Social employment creation has been part of our mission since the 1970s. Assembling the products locally means we can keep the transport distances short. This is one factor contributing to the ecology of our products; others are the avoidance of unnecessary packaging and the promotion of eco-friendly raw materials such as wood.


In addition to Europe, Aarikka´s key sales regions include the United States and Japan. In Finland, Aarikka operates through five Aarikka Shops and numerous dealers.