Wattkast Mökit

Rental cottages in the Turku Archipelago

Wattkast rental cottages are located right in the middle of the Turku archipelago, in Korpo, in beautiful surroundings on the seashore in the southern slope. Here you can enjoy the natural tranquility and freedom in a genuine archipelago, making fishing and nature trips or just being and staying at your own beach or take walks in the woods and fields nearby.

All cabins have a sea view. Each cottage also has its own sauna. After the sauna, you can sit on the porch and admire the view over the bay and the unspoilt nature. You are able to drive all the way to the cottage and all cottages have a carspace. Ferries operate around the clock to the island of Korpo.

Nature and environment

The place is sunny, and all around there is virtually an untouched pine / mixed forest with beautiful mountains and cliffs, meadows, fields and forest roads, where you can hike. The cabin area is surrounded by a vast mountain and forest landscape, where you can enjoy nature and the view.

In the neighborhood, 200 meters from the cabins, there are views of mountains with pine trees. You can follow the arrival of migratory birds and sea eagles are sometimes hovering over the sea. Gulls and terns are further away and seek nourishment from the lake. With good luck you meet a moose, fox or a deer. Good fishing grounds can be found from the protected bay to the open sea.