Three-Country Cairn

The borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet at the Three Nation’s Border Point that stands on a man-made island in lake Koltapahtajärvi in the Malla Strict Nature Reserve.

The original rock cairn was erected in 1897. Legend tells that workmen carried rocks for a week to complete the structure. However, the cairn did not survive the vast masses of shifting ice in spring. The current concrete marker was built in 1926. In summer, you can get there by taking the Malla boat, which travels from the Kilpisjärvi village to Koltalahti. The walk from Koltalahti to the cairn is just under three kilometers. You can also reach the cairn by walking 11 kilometers through Malla Strict Nature Reserve. You are free to circle the cairn – unless of course you have goods to declare at customs.