Skydive Kemi

Kemi Skydiving Club is a registered association which was founded in 1988. The club has about 80 members. Around 20 – 30 new skydivers and 50 tandem students are trained yearly. The club has it’s own airplane, a diesel-motor Cessna 182 (OH-CHV). The plane seats 5 jumpers and a pilot.

The Skydiving sport has changed much since the founding of the club. Nowadays the most important thing about jumping is the freefall; the moment from jumping out of the plane to the opening of the parachute. The freefall from an altitude of 4000 meters lasts 45-90 seconds. When jumping with a wingsuit a whopping 90 seconds fall time is reached and even more. This is achieved by a so called Birdman-suit which slows the falling speed down to 70km/h whilst raising the forward momentum to 140 – 200 km/h.