Ski Resort Suomutunturi – a genuine Lapland holiday resort

In the Finnish Lapland, in the middle of forests and open wilderness you will find Suomutunturi, a peaceful luxury ski resort. Suomutunturi is a 410 meters high fell situated in Kemijärvi.

The wind-sheltered ski slopes of Suomutunturi are aptly referred to as one of the best in Finland. There are different slopes for all skill levels from the beginner’s green to the master’s black level. In Suomu you will also find wide slopes for carving and a snow park. The ski center, designed for the whole family, has a total of 10 ski slopes, of which the longest is 1700 meters long.

The rugged nature of Lapland is impressive around the year. Enjoying the beauty of the wide spaces and breathing the cleanest air in the world will also purify the mind. After a strong experience of nature and exercise, it is nice to eat food made out of the clean ingredients of Lapland. At night, you’ll sleep comfortably on the soft bed of a really stylish room of a hotel where all rooms have large windows with a view of the ski runs, which will extend the day’s experience of nature until the arrival of the Sandman. If you like to invest into your holiday, choose the 70 m2 Suomu-suite, equipped with a sauna, and a stunning view of the slopes. Alternatively, you can choose a spacious and elegant 35 m2 De Luxe room, some of which are handicap accessible. All