Sea Lapland Canoe

A canoe trip through the archipelago at the northernmost end of the Baltic Sea or on one of the big rivers of the North. Abundant nature and cultural remnants of times gone by are yours for the exploring!

Canoeing in Sea Lapland is a unique experience not only geographically, but also in terms of nature and culture. The Tornio River for example is the largest free flowing river in Scandinavia, and was used to float timber from the vast forests to the mills on the shore.

Our company has been offering canoe experiences in Sea Lapland since 2009. We are a fully licensed operator with professionally trained staff, and in posession of all required safety certificates.

We offer a wide range of packages, from basic to extended to tailor-made, aiming to meet exactly your needs.

Our basic packages are designed to give you a choice of canoetrips depending on the time you have available. Previous canoeing-experience is not required for any of the tours – the length of the trip, however, should be carefully taken into consideration based on you physical shape.

Sea Lapland has a wide array of natural and cultural features to offer which are yours for the taking. Depending on your interests, we can offer you tours which combine canoeing with other sights and destinations in the area, such as Canoe tours to Icebreaker Sampo

All packages are guided tours with English/Finnish/Swedish as general languages. Against an additional fee, German, French and Dutch spoken tour guiding can be arranged. Other languages on request.

You also have the option to rent a kayak or a canoe with us if you want to take a trip to the nearby islands. Our weekly Open House provides first-time users with a safe way to get to know and fall in love with the sport. The instructors involved will guide kayakers from the basics of paddling to more advanced techniques.