Patria Hostelli

Mini-hotel in the city center

If you are student, young or old, a student of school or student of life, interested in sports or a new city, or a glimpse of Finnish life in Lahti, we are the place for you. Through new ownership, Hostel Patria has changed, it has been renovated and is quite different from before. This cozy travelers lodge is located 100 meters from the railway station, the bus station is only 1 km from our location, taxi and bus stops are close by. We have 16 rooms with a total of 19 beds, rooms have a television and refrigerator. All rooms have their own wash basin. Restrooms and shower are located in the main corridor. Customers have free Wi-Fi and a kitchen for their use.


Vesijärvenkatu 3
Lahti 15100 FI
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