Onnela Inn

Onnella Inn (Finnish: Majatalo Onnela)

Once home to traveling artists in the 1920’s seeking to find their inspiration, Onnela Inn is for the bucket list of any traveller who wishes for enchanting nature, and character-filled accommodation whispering stories intertwining love, money, and war from its colorful history.

The beauty of Onnela, is that there is a little something magical for everyone, no matter your preference – from a variety of hotel rooms to romantic cottages or a suite. Hotel rooms are located in two separate buildings, Tammisto and Viertola, providing accommodation for a total of 70-90 guests alongside the quaint museum road.

With three lakeside saunas, each with their own pier for swimming in Lake Tuusula, and marvellous views, Onnela’s tales rustle out across the lake’s shores. A comprehensive meeting spot, with a restaurant and picturesque surroundings, Onnela is near the Helsinki region, just a 15-minute drive from Helsinki Airport and 30 minutes from Helsinki centre.

Encircled by spectacular rocky cliffs Onnela has everything needed for the perfect family holiday in the peace and safety of nature at its best.

Colorful History

Johanna Sofia Björklund (born 1880), received the Onnela estate as a birthday present from her parents when she turned 25. At the onset of the revolution in 1917, Johanna Sofia and Shabelsky fled St Petersburg to Onnela. The years after the revolution were times of misery when the little money they had salvaged quickly ran out and they found themselves living hand-to-mouth. In the throes of poverty, Johanna Sofia founded the Onnela Boarding House for students, statesmen and artists. At the turn of the century, the area became the meeting place of an interesting group of people, with artists such as master composer Jean Sibelius, painters Pekka Halonen, Venny Soldan-Brofeldt and Eero Järnefelt, as well as authors Juhani Aho and Eino Leino – all inspired by the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Tuusula. Johanna Sofia founded a kiosk which operated out of the villa on Rantatie. There she sold coffee, buns, cigarettes as well as spirits despite prohibition.

High-Class Accommodation

The carefully preserved buildings, recently renovated yet completely untarnished, ensure a comfortable quality stay.

Hotel Room: Comfort

In the Tammisto building, are the Comfort Hotel Rooms with a courtyard view, two single beds and a bathroom with a shower. Amenities include Finnish-made Unikulma’s ergonomic beds, Wi-Fi, TV, mini-fridge, and the possibility of an extra bed.

Hotel Room: Superior

Superior-class accommodation in double/twin or single rooms are located in both the Tammisto and Viertola buildings. Some of the superior rooms don a private patio with a courtyard view and all include a spacious bathroom with a shower and all the amenities of the Comfort Rooms plus more..


The luxurious Suite with its own sauna and a beautiful patio boasts of a stunning lake view. There is Unikulma’s ergonomic double bed and the bathroom contains a double shower with the sauna, as well as Finnish designer bathrobes and complimentary toiletries.

Apartment Kombi

Upto six people can stay in this apartment-style combo with two bedrooms and a joint living room, shower, water closet, and own private terrace with a courtyard view. Also contains ergonomic beds and other amenities.

Cabin Elvilä

A romantic log cabin, partly built on top of the lake, this accommodation for two in the cabin’s fireplace room also has its own sauna, a terrace and a pier stretching out onto Lake Tuusulanjärvi. The terrace over the water guarantees a stunning scenery any time of the day and year. There is a double shower and other amenities.


Onnela’s group activities intertwine the mystical encircling nature and the rich cultural history of the area. Activities are customized to contain elements of team-building, racing, or whatever your family or corporate wishes! The most popular spin-off is the traditional Finnish lakeside sauna experience.

Sauna and Dinner for Groups

By reservation, groups can enjoy organized events which include dinner, sauna, games or any combination of these delightful three choices. Ranging from EUR 45-52 per person for 6 exotic menus highlighting delicacies from the Finnish forests, or a scrumptious buffet, your event is sure to be memorable for a lifetime!