MadeBy Helsinki

MadeBy Helsinki is a collective of 13 entrepreneurs passionate about art, crafts & design. Our co-operative shop is located in Helsinki old-town, by the beautiful street Katariina street (Katariinankatu) that connects Market Square and Senate Square.

MadeBy Helsinki is a modern marketplace for crafts, design and art. It’s not just for shopping: you can enjoy home-made cookies with a hot cup of coffee or tea in our (small) cafeteria. There’s even a little corner for seasonal workshops!

What makes it extraordinary – you can also meet the makers & designers in MadeBy Helsinki, selling and talking about their handmade products. Every item has a story and is handmade in Finland.

The shop is strongly linked to the -community & marketplace, owned by the collective. This web-shop sells items from numerous artists around Finland offering wider a variety of products than our brick and mortar shop.

Our mission is to bring arts and crafts closer to people and contribute the modern way of crafting in Finland, where the products made by artisans and the experience and joy of making it yourself are equally valued.




Katariinankatu 4
Helsinki 00101 FI
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