Kyyrölän Savi

Kyyrölän Savi, the Kyyrölä Pottery and Factory Shop, is situated in Hämeenlinna, where visitors can enjoy works of art in clay, made by masters of clay, Jaana and Nikolai Uschanoff.

It is a centre for crafts and design, with a throwing, century-old tradition of manufacturing decorative and household wares. In the factory shop visitors can find individual ceramics for a present or a table-ware in everyday use. They also regularly feature reasonably priced seconds and special offers.

Kyyrölän Savi continues the centuries-old tradition of making crockery. The shop sells household ceramics, ovenware, gift-ware and promotional gifts. Everyone who is interested in making their own clay souvenir can reserve a ceramic-hour with teacher. The event is possible for everyone with no age-limits!