Kemi SnowHotel

Sleeping overnight in the SnowHotel room, made completely of snow, beautifully lighted and decorated, will surely give you one of the most unique Arctic experiences. The temperature is always around -5 degrees Celsius but the comfortable bed with a white sheet and lambskin cover, a pillow, a fleece sheet and a sleeping bag designed for Arctic conditions ensures a good night sleep.

The SnowHotel is part of the gigantic SnowCastle built annually in the City of Kemi. The SnowCastle is open from the end of January until beginning of April.

In the SnowHotel there are rooms suitable for singles, couples as well as bigger groups. The maximum capacity of the SnowHotel is 48 persons. The whole SnowHotel and the rooms inside are made of snow.

The fresh, about -5 degrees Celsius breathing-air, will guarantee you sweet dreams inside a well-equipped sleeping-bag on a good bed. You will have a memorable sleeping-experience in the SnowHotel!

Sleeping in the SnowHotel includes also breakfast and visit to the SnowCastle.