Ice Cellar

Our aim is to promote the visibility of and cooperation between actors in the creative sector. In the Ice Cellar, which will be opened in Helsinki’s Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, everything has a form. There local art and culture actors will be able to present their creative work.

It will give a permanent setting for different, even spontaneous events. It has a light organisational structure, and those responsible for its activities are open to new, diverse thoughts. The aim of the project will be to find new ideas for and develop cultural tourism products and services. This side of the operations in the Ice Cellar will be supported by an art shop and culture café.

The Ice Cellar was built between 1895 and 1898. As the name would suggest, the building acted as the ice cellar for the officers’ homes next door. It included 14 stores above ground, each with their own entrance. The hatches in the floor of the stores lead to underground cellars which were cooled down with blocks of ice sawn off the frozen water pools on the island and, thus, worked as fridges for the residents. In the 1930s, some of the cellars were turned into a bomb shelter whose ceiling, a thick concrete slab, now works as a sturdy stage.

Helsinki 00190 FI
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