Hernesaaren Ranta

Hernesaaren Ranta (Hernesaari Beach) is a deluxe seaside hub with relaxing scenic views of the urban landscape of Helsinki. Located by the uptown residential area Eira, the uniquely designed space includes bars and lounges, sunbeds under palm trees, beach volleyball, a dance floor with DJs, divans and tables under the shade or in the sunshine, and an outdoor street food style court serving scrumptious food from various corners of the world. The large open decks with a European vibe are a happening sideshow for sailors and boaters passing by the half-hectare of beach.


Large terrace for dining and enjoying the sun, located by both the pier and the restaurants.

You can reach Hernesaaren Ranta with your own boat.

The bar at the center of the Villa serves whatever you desire and the decorations of Villa contribute to a warm and fun atmosphere. The DJ starts playing in the afternoon after which the party continues till late at night.

Relax and enjoy beverages at the lodges. Food and drinks available on the spot, plus there is plentiful of area for games and other activities.

This huge bar tent can fit around 300 people under its roof.

Our unique wooden stage will host many amazing performances this summer.