Didrichen museum exhibitions summer 2020

KUUTTI LAVONEN “Time and eternity” 1.2.-23.8.2020

Kuutti Lavonen’s 60th anniversary exhibition presents new works by the artist alongside other important works from over the years, combining cultural, personal, and artistic history. The themes of the Renaissance and Baroque, based on the classical and Christian heritage, are reflected and reinterpreted in Lavonen’s production. In his psychologically profound works, the artist reflects himself and the immediate in relation to tradition and continuity. The exhibition features Lavonen’s graphics, paintings and drawings. Technically, Lavonen is a versatile artist, but the essence and foundation of his artistic work are his drawings. The exhibitions come from public and private collections in Finland, the artist and Didrichsen Art Museum’s extensive collection.

VINCENT VAN GOGH “Becoming Van Gogh” 5.9.2020-31.1.2021

In 2020, Didrichsen Art Museum will celebrate its 55th anniversary, which in the autumn will culminate with an exhibition of works by Vincent van Gogh (1853 –1890). The core of the exhibition is a selection of drawings from the beginning of Van Gogh’s artist career, on loan from the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands. The exhibition will feature 39 drawings and one graphic from 1881–1886 as well as two oil paintings from 1887 and 1890. One of the most desired artists in the world, Van Gogh’s works have seldom been seen in Finland. Becoming Van Gogh is the first exhibition in Finland exclusively of Van Gogh’s art.

Becoming Van Gogh shows the artist’s career in the early years, 1881–1886. The drawings tell about Van Gogh’s journey to becoming an artist, his preoccupation with drawing and his endeavours to put the world he observed onto paper. Central motifs include depictions of peasants and agricultural labour, the Dutch landscape with rural and urban scenes, as well as studies. The two oil paintings seen in the exhibition are reminiscent of the expressive power of Van Gogh’s artistic peak: Finland’s only work by Van Gogh, Street- Auvers-sur-Oise in 1890 of the Ateneum art collection, and the Self-Portrait of Kröller-Müller in 1887.