Culture Silo

Culture Silo is being planned to become a center of community art. This woodchip silo is designed by Alvar Aalto and you can find it at Toppila, Paalikatu 5. For more detailed information head your steps to Paalikatu 3.

Woodchip silo was one of Alvar Aaltos first functional designs and it was build 1931 for Toppilas pulp mills woodchip storage. The ideas that were born during designing and executioning the silo have later served as a base in Aaltos architectural solutions concernig public spaces. Woodchip silo is a part of seven preserved buildings.

Fixing of the Culture Silo is on going but Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station ry organizes different kinds of enviromental-, community- and media-art events near by. You can find kinetic art, designed by Antti Maasalo, near Silo.