B&B Niemelän talo

B&B Niemelä is located in a quiet part of Rovaniemi town, close by the banks of the Kemijoki river.

The focal point of B&B Niemelä is the old house in the courtyard which was built in the 1800s.

The house is a rare Ostrobothnian cabin style, which was renovated in 2006 to preserve its original appearance.

Niemalä appears in the historical record of earlier generations, as does the newer house which was originally the main building of a barm.

Our modern kitchen is open to all guests, and we serve breakfast to order.

Accommodation options

– Niemelä old main building
– Niemelä, terraced houses

Accommodation for up to 40 persons. We can also accommodate large groups.


– Niemelä, the main building: 11 + 2 people
– Attic Apartment: 8 + 1 people
– Niemelä, terraced house: 20 + 4 people


In the Niemelä courtyard there is a separate log building of about 60m² which houses the sauna; attached there is livingroom with a fireplace for about 20 people. The sauna can comfortably seat 10 people at the same time.

The sauna and living room can be rented separately for small-scale events.

Sauna is not used during the winter (1.11 to 30.4)


Pappilantie 75
Rovaniemi 96300 FI
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