Situated right on the Arctic Circle, surrounded by rugged wilderness, Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland. Although it is best known for being home to Santa Claus, and having numerous Santa related attractions, this compact city is an energetic jewel of the north, packed with cultural and other family-friendly attractions. Thanks to its location in the midst of a pristine arctic wilderness, Rovaniemi is a perfect destination for visitors seeking unique Lapland adventures and activities in winter. Here are 10 of the best winter adventures available from Safartica, one of Finland’s best and most experienced service providers operating in Rovaniemi.

One Day Tour to Ranua Wildlife Park from Rovaniemi

Located just an hour away from Rovaniemi, Ranua Wildlife Park sits in the midst of an Arctic forest. Ranua Zoo is home to over 50 species and over 200 animals, who live in spacious pens in the midst of a northern conifer forest, the natural habitat of most of the species here. These include polar and brown bears, lynxes, wolves, wolverine, foxes, numerous birds of prey, and musk ox, to mention just a few. Before making the return journey to Rovaniemi, Safartica clients will enjoy a buffet lunch in the Café White Swan and have time to visit Fazer’s sweetshop.

Polar Bears

Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis Ice Floating in Rovaniemi

Are you looking for a unique adventure during your holiday in Finnish Lapland? At first, dipping yourself into a cold Arctic lake under a night sky of dancing auroras and letting your mind rest might sound bizarre. However, Safartica makes this possible on a safari to a secret, private venue. Their high quality flotation suits keep clients snug, warm, and dry, while the silence and serenity of this hidden Lapland location allows your mind to wander, wonder, and finally be at peace. The environment conditions are truly arctic, and if the weather is clear, you’ll marvel at the beautiful stars of the Milky Way, and may even get to enjoy the magnificent Northern Lights. This activity is must-do during your stay in Rovaniemi and will be a perfect closure for your Lapland holiday.

Northern Lights

Evening Escape – Snowmobile Safari & Campfire in Rovaniemi

Join Safartica on a snowmobile safari to experience the magic of arctic nature in the evening twilight. Drive through beautiful winter landscapes, illuminated by snowmobile headlights, before stopping for a break in the middle of the dark forest. While the guide builds a campfire, listen to the local myths and facts about the Northern Lights. Then you can enjoy delicious Lappish delicacies prepared over the fire and observe the night skies above you: with luck, you will catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Snowmobile safari in Rovaniemi

Snowmobiling, Ice-Fishing & Tasty Food Tour in Rovaniemi

On this adventure clients drive a snowmobile along frozen rivers to a hidden winter fishing spot in the middle of the arctic wilderness. Your Safartica guide will teach you the art of how to drill a hole in the ice, and how to prepare your ice-fishing rod and bait. While you enjoy the peace and serenity of ice-fishing, your guide will prepare a delicious Lappish outdoor soup lunch over an open fire – hopefully accompanied by the catch of the day!

Ice-Fishing in Rovaniemi

Two Hour Snowmobiling Safari in Rovaniemi

This adventure provides Safartica clients with an excellent opportunity to learn how to master the art of driving a snowmobile. During the snowmobile safari we stop for a break to enjoy hot drinks, views over the arctic landscape, and the silence of the wilderness.

Snowmobile Safari in Rovaniemi

In Pursuit of Reindeer

Would you like to learn all about the traditional way of life of the Sámi people? Although many people think of reindeer as Santa’s flying friends, the Sámi have lived and worked with these gentle beasts since ancient times. On this adventure clients will drive a snowmobile to a local reindeer farm, and after a short reindeer sleigh ride receive their very own International Reindeer Driving License! They will also take part in special “Crossing of the Arctic Circle” ceremony in a traditional Lappish tepee and receive a Crossing of the Arctic Circle Certificate as a gift to remember this fun day.

Reindeer sleigh ride

Visit to Santa’s Village and Snowmobile Trek to Reindeer Farm

Clients are invited to discover the secrets of Santa Claus and his trusted helpers! They meet Father Christmas himself, visit Santa’s Official Post Office, can do some shopping for souvenirs and enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch, they head for the snowmobiles and drive to a local reindeer farm where they meet the reindeer, enjoy a short reindeer sleigh ride, and take part in special “Crossing of the Arctic Circle” ceremony. After a splendid day everyone returns to Rovaniemi on snowmobiles, where a Crossing the Arctic Circle Certificate is awarded to all as a gift at the end of the safari.

Discover the secrets of Santa Claus

Thrill of Speed – 1 hr Husky Safari

As you arrive at the local husky darm you will be welcomed by the friendly barks of huskies, but as soon as the safari of dogs departs from the farm, they quieten down and begin their work. Clients will enjoy the surrounding nature and the sledge ride in silence, save for the sound of the runners over the ice, before stopping for a break in the wilderness to take photos. You drive with two persons per team, with an opportunity to change the driver along the way. The average length of the trail is 10 km, but the weather conditions and the skills of participants may affect the length of the ride.

Along the Reindeer Path – 1 hour reindeer safari

Join Safartica on one of their most popular trips, an authentic reindeer safari! Sit comfortably in a sleigh under warm blankets, lay back, and take photos of the nature around you as you listen to the sounds of the reindeer caravan. A local reindeer herder will have prepared coffee with a cinnamon bun around a campfire and will share his story of life with the reindeer.

Authentic reindeer safari

A Family Day Out – Reindeer, Huskies, Snow Fun & Lunch

Enjoy a family day out on a cozy reindeer and husky farm. The day begins when you climb aboard a sleigh and take a ride through arctic nature, listening to a reindeer herder’s stories, and finishing the safari at a husky farm. Take some family photos with your new furry friends before taking a short ride on a husky sledge. After that journey ends you can enjoy a fine lunch in the restaurant. Following lunch you can enjoy lots of fun in the snow outside, with a tobogganing slide and more. Transportation by car to and from the farm is provided.

Safartica’s wide range of safaris, excursions, activities, and accommodation make it the ideal partner for holiday-makers in Finnish Lapland. Safartica operates in Rovaniemi, home to Santa, and in Ylläs, Finland’s biggest ski resort, located on the southern edge of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park near the Swedish border.