Horse Trekking at Sahala Manor

Horse trekking encounters, authentic adventures and memorable experiences!

Sahala estate offers customers experience services. We operate in the heart of the Savo Rautalampi municipality and we have the know-how from a lifetime of providing services for multi-annual experiences.

Sahala Manor’s 40-strong herd of Icelandic horses consists of imported horses and their offspring born in Sahala.

The “Issikka” is a safe and friendly horse that is suitable for beginners and expert riders alike. The Icelandic horse is slightly smaller than usual, sure-footed, and a step roller and therefore does not bounce riders.

We are a Finnish member of the Association of trekking stables and abide by the MEK given guidelines for horse tourism. We offer a wide range of adventure tours, Icelandic horse trekking, interaction and co-training, adventure and wellness services, sauna treatments, as well as a nutritious meals using locally sourced ingredients, which are also provided as a catering service. And best of all, these services are available all year round!

We welcome you, as individuals and companies, to enjoy our warm hospitality at Sahala mansion amidst our historic and magnificent scenery!